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Get professional advice at the stage of selecting components for your project. Choose MV and HV surge arresters from a Polish manufacturer, as well as relays and HV instrument transformers from Arteche to effectively protect your equipment and investments from surges.

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Not only products

We help production managers solve power protection problems

In addition to the manufacturing of surge arresters, we advise on the selection of modern electrical power protection. We support our Partners from the stage of selecting components for the project, through implementation and activation, to daily exploitation.

Design officecase study

How did the design office gain support in selecting transformers and limiters for the wind farm cabling project?

A well-known design office, we have been working with for more than 10 years, won a tender for the design of a wind farm cooperating with a 110 kV system. Among other things, the project required the design of transformers and surge protection for the high-voltage cables that connected the farm to the overhead grid.

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Warsaw Tramwayscase study

Improved safety of Warsaw trams and increased passenger comfort by new surge arresters implementation.

Prior to the modernization of the tramway fleet in Warsaw, our surge arresters had been in operation for several years, safeguarding both the power network and the fleet. Warsaw Tramways meticulously identified the most vulnerable and critical locations within its tramway electrical network. These specific points were prone to failures, which, in turn, could lead to significant consequences such as depot immobilization or the potential risk of collisions due to faults in the turnout automation system.

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Partnercase study

How did our Partner receive special surge arresters, which were installed in 6 weeks without production downtime?

At the Partner Chemical Plant in Tarnobrzeg, a significant challenge arose when it came to installing additional switchgear with connections and transitioning from high to medium voltage. Equally important was our objective to minimize production downtime during the implementation of our solution. The selection of suitable surge arresters and transformers necessitated considerations for unconventional mounting locations and required additional calculations.

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How do we help?

We reduce failures in every power sector by selecting surge arresters with the right parameters

For 23 years, we’ve been providing electrical apparatuses and solutions for many sectors of the electrical power industry. From component selection, through design, to implementation and commissioning, we support →

Jacek Turkowski

Marketing & Sales Director at Protektel

Distribution companies

modernizing networks, substations, and RES.

Design offices

by selecting the right equipment, providing documentation in CAD and 3D formats, developing technical documentation, selecting replacements, optimizing budgets, and reducing work time.

Public transportation

providing modern solutions that improve safety and passenger comfort.

Energy sector contractors

in the selection of network equipment components with the right parameters and their correct installation.

Private investors in renewable energy sources

where the key issue is effective implementation of investments in time, which is influenced by Protektel's short project completion times.

Manufacturing companies

by providing budget-optimized solutions that are also tailored to the technical conditions of the facility and workflow maintenance.

Power generators

both in the conventional power industry and in alternative energy sources, where we offer surge protection tailored to the specifics of their investments, as well as devices for energy accounting systems.

Who are we

We met back in the 90s.

It was at the ZWAR, which was formed from Kazimierz Szpotanski's Electrical Apparatus Factory, founded in November 1918. At ZWAR, each of us worked in a different area, gaining experience along our own professional path. However, we all felt that we could do our jobs better. Fascinated by Kazimierz Szpotanski's achievements, we started our own company from scratch in 2000.

Dariusz Stempiń

Chief Executice at Protektel

We believe that the strength of a company lays in its employees, and the business is based on people


We started out as a commercial business, investing in development and research.

Thanks to this, we achieved our main goal, creating a proprietary family of surge arresters.

Today we are a manufacturing and trading company and continue to develop our own production.

The greatest honor for us is not the awards, but the trust of customers who benefit from our solutions and knowledge in their daily responsible work.


Check out Protektel's electrical power equipment

Tailored to your project, or even made from scratch specifically for your applications.

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Protektel’s products

Surge arresters

A proprietary family of DC and AC surge arresters: MV and HV. Instead of selecting oversized components, we can manufacture customized ones to fit your needs.

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Arteche’s products


We select the most suitable one from many types with different parameters.

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Protektel’s and Arteche’s products

HV transformers

Current, voltage and combined. In various types of isolation.

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What do we care about

Don’t compromise on your project’s surge protection.

You don't have to choose between expensive components with performance that exceeds your needs or cheaper replacements operating at the upper ranges of their capabilities.

Surge arresters made specifically for you and properly selected Arteche components will perform exactly how you want them to. Discover the benefits of the power equipment we offer:

  • wide range of operating parameters allow very good adaptation to the specifics of the project, so that everything works as it should,
  • solid construction minimizes the risk of mechanical damage, both during transport and installation. You can be sure that the component will function properly,
  • resistance to high temperatures and humidity increases the range of applications and makes products more resistant to failure due to unforeseen changes in operating conditions,
  • very high energy capability ensures long operation, which means “holy peace of mind” for longer,
  • designed to work in dirty conditions, allows you to focus on the details of the installation, instead of wasting time on meticulous cleanup,
  • easy installation speeds up implementation and reduces its cost. The investor will notice it for sure.
  • maintenance-free exploitation saves your employees’ time by delegating them more tasks.

How we work

Requirements of your project determine the selection of the appropriate product.

Check out our Partner service process, where we advise and provide support: from handling the request for a proposal, to implementation and exploitation period.

1Proposal requests

Regardless of the number of parties asking about a particular project, we respond quickly but substantively. We archive each answer so that we can return to it in further stages of cooperation.

2ALL the problems are solved

Often at this stage, we are already working on various problems that arise in your project. This could be, for example, possible power outages during further work. We can also match a product from our range to a competitor's symbols, so you don't have to do it yourself.

3Technical support at your service

From the beginning of our cooperation, we offer advice in the area of product selection for your specific need. We provide detailed technical documentation, including CAD or 3D formats. If necessary, we will make the relevant technical documentation for you.

4Tailor-made products

As a manufacturer of arresters, we can modify their parameters within certain ranges in order to obtain a product that best fits the technical requirements of your project.

5Sale prices offers

The prices of our components remain constant over a fixed period of time, regardless of the continuity of supply or rises in the market. We stay in touch all the time.

Let’s take a look at our work process

What you get when working with us

Combining consulting with power components from industry-recognized manufacturers will provide you with benefits you wouldn’t expect.

  • matching Protektel’s products, usually superior to the competitor’s replacement, will reduce your time searching for the optimal solution and eliminate the risk of making a mistake
  • if needed, we will prepare detailed technical documentation of the project for you, so you will have more time to work on other areas of the project
  • professional consulting in a wide range and documentation in technical data formats (PDF, CAD, 3D, XLS) makes your work easier
  • specially designed and manufactured components for you will meet all, even particularly complex, requirements of your project
  • balanced prices in our offers allow you to build your budget based on real expenses
  • Fixed prices in our offers allow you to build your budget based on real expenses
  • technical care and advice also in the expansion of the solution and in the situations of sudden changes, let you feel the comfort of a successful leader with a backup of specialists working for it.

Get advice, talk to Daniel

Daniel Stempiń

Product Manager MV / HV at Protektel

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Partners asked us these questions

For your convenience, we are publishing answers to the most popular questions below.

Will you come to the investment site?

If necessary, we are always thrilled to visit the investments of our Partners. We provide on-site advice and technical support.

Will I receive the ordered components, despite global problems with supply continuity?

Yes, we have our own warehouse, so we can guarantee delivery on time.

Will the prices offered remain valid even for a year or more?

Prices are changing. Despite this, if there is an opportunity to agree and sign a contract beforehand, regulating all important aspects, including commercial terms, then yes. We will simply reserve production materials for this project. We can produce the products in advance and they will be waiting for you. Of course, early payment is appreciated.

Will you be able to ship the products today?

Shipping is possible provided that we have information in advance, a few hours before 12:00 on a given day and if the goods are packed. If not, we will do our best to get the goods out to you as soon as possible.

I just need a consultation. Can I count on support?

Of course! Just contact us.