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How did the design office gain support in selecting transformers and limiters for the wind farm cabling project?

A well-known design office, we have been working with for more than 10 years, won a tender for the design of a wind farm cooperating with a 110 kV system. Among other things, the project required the design of transformers and surge protection for the high-voltage cables that connected the farm to the overhead grid.

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Improved safety of Warsaw trams and increased passenger comfort by new surge arresters implementation.

Prior to the modernization of the tramway fleet in Warsaw, our surge arresters had been in operation for several years, safeguarding both the power network and the fleet. Warsaw Tramways meticulously identified the most vulnerable and critical locations within its tramway electrical network. These specific points were prone to failures, which, in turn, could lead to significant consequences such as depot immobilization or the potential risk of collisions due to faults in the turnout automation system.

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How did our Partner receive special surge arresters, which were installed in 6 weeks without production downtime?

At the Partner Chemical Plant in Tarnobrzeg, a significant challenge arose when it came to installing additional switchgear with connections and transitioning from high to medium voltage. Equally important was our objective to minimize production downtime during the implementation of our solution. The selection of suitable surge arresters and transformers necessitated considerations for unconventional mounting locations and required additional calculations.

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