How did Warsaw Trams gain power supply grid diagnostics in the process of selecting surge arresters?


The modernization of Warsaw’s tramway fleet posed challenges related to the protection of power lines against surges. The existing technology in use before the modernization was insufficient to safeguard the electronics of the new streetcars, leading to operational issues. Moreover, failures in the power mains equipment had cascading effects, causing malfunctions in safety-critical systems like switches and track switches. The need for repairs to components damaged by surges, including power converters, generated additional expenses.


What problems did Warsaw Trams face?

The selection of suitable surge arrestors presented a challenge due to the lack of knowledge regarding the parameters of surges. These surges originated from both lightning strikes and the routine operation of the tramway fleet and equipment. Consequently, the initial step involved identifying the vulnerable zones within the power supply network and recognizing the disruptions that occurred within these areas.


How did we solve the Partner’s problem?

We started our cooperation with a thorough inspection of the Partner’s infrastructure. In order to examine surge parameters, our expert made dozens of runs on a diagnostic streetcar. During each run, specialized equipment recorded the disturbances that occurred. Thanks to this data, we were able to select surge arresters with appropriate parameters and indicate the optimal places for their installation.

It took less than 6 months from the start of work on the Partner’s problem to the delivery of an effective solution. Our arresters were installed and put into operation, and then for the 12-month period specified in the contract, we regularly received information about their work, observed phenomena, and took our Partner’s comments into account. Each time we exchanged feedback by phone and email.

The issues caused by surges in the power supply network of Warsaw trams were resolved so rapidly that Partner opted to reduce the initial operational timeframe by one year. They also included the product in the technical documentation, making it available for utilization in tram networks.


This is what Warsaw Trams gained from our cooperation

As a result of many hours of consultation, carried out both remotely and at the Partner’s headquarters, we provided Warsaw Trams with more than 1,000 surge arresters of various types. An additional benefit was the recording of emerging surges, locating their sources and places of occurrence, and measuring the characteristic parameters of the disturbances. In addition, we helped coordinate the overvoltage protection of the traction power system all the time. We continue our cooperation by remaining available for surge protection consultations.

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